Dental Implants

About Dental Implants

Dental implants are simply an artificial root made of titanium placed in the bone in what is usually a simple, one-hour procedure. A temporary crown is often placed on the implant at the day of placement, but not always. The permanent crown is cemented a few weeks, or sometimes a few months later. Dental implants of this sort replace single or multiple missing teeth. Fees for this service at other clinics in the area range from $1,600 to over $3,600/tooth.

This requires a consultation beforehand to determine bone quality and quantity. You save hundreds, maybe even thousands by choosing Smiles Restored!


Single Tooth Implant

Dental Implants for single or multiple teeth: $1,400/Tooth (crown included)


Multiple Tooth Implant – Implant Bridge


Dental Implants to Secure Loose Dentures

The number one complaint of people who wear a lower denture is that it “flops around all the time.” Lower dentures have no suction and just don’t stay put easily for most people. This system allows a person to “Snap-In” their denture using dental implants. Loose dentures, messy denture adhesive, and embarrassing moments when your denture flops around are a thing of the past when they are “snapped-in”! You can also have the palate portion cut out of your upper denture (in most cases) to increase the enjoyment of your food.

Securing your denture so it “snaps-in” usually involves a minor surgical procedure for the placement of two to six dental implants.

We can often use your existing denture; sometimes a making a new one or relining your existing denture is necessary to obtain an ideal result. This service can be a life-changer for many people. Call now to schedule your complimentary consultation to see if you are a candidate! Fees for this service advertised by other dental clinics in the region range from $2,000 to over $5,000 to secure a lower denture. Save thousands at Smiles Restored!


Dental Implants to Replace Dentures

In many cases, an entire denture can be completely replaced by implants and a cemented bridge. This means freedom from dentures and the ability to chew, speak, and smile much like you did when you had real teeth! This is as close to having all your original teeth back as it gets.The investment for this life-changing service is $9,999. Consultations are free!