Smiles Restored has a role to play, as do other dental practices, in assisting the medical community during this pandemic with COVID-19 by limiting the numbers of patients who could end up in the emergency room at a hospital with a dental problem. The American Dental Association has posted the following recommendations, which we are following. We are only seeing patients on a limited basis at this time who have a dental emergency or urgent situation that could easily become an emergency.In addition, we are following all the recommended procedures of social distancing.

• You will be asked about your travel, recent illness, and your temperature will be taken.
• You will be asked to wait in your car rather than the waiting room and unless you are in need of assistance from a caretaker, you will
come to your appointment alone.
• Hand sanitizer is provided upon your arrival and all infection control procedures are being followed by the staff and doctors.
• If you are over 65, unless you have a tooth causing pain or other active oral infection at this time we recommend you stay home.

We regret not being able to take care of many of the routine dental needs of you, our patients, in this unusual time, and look forward to caring for you when this all comes to an end and normal life returns. The Utah Dental Association and the State of Utah have asked us to proceed in this manner until April 25, 2020. Appointments for non-emergencies will be scheduled after that date, subject to change if the recommendations are renewed.

Dr. Eric Hanson, Dr. Jared Staples, Dr. Blaine Curtis

See what constitutes a Dental Emergency HERE

Let us show you how EASY and AFFORDABLE it is to

Restore Your Smile!

The Smiles Restored clinic provides innovative, hands-on solutions to provide a full range of dental services from simple extractions to complete mouth restorations. Our clinic combines years of experience with new technologies. We hold high standards for our work, and only use FDA approved products and materials. Patients have asked us why we have such low fees, and the simple answer is, because we can. We believe that high quality dental work should be affordable. You shouldn’t have to be a millionaire to get a dental implant.

Professional Excellence

in Prosthetics, Implants, and Veneers

Innovative Equipment

Digital X-rays keep radiation exposure to a minimum. Surgical Loupes and headlamps increase precision and accuracy. Electric hand pieces reduce procedure time.

Personal Treatment

Each patient is as unique as a fingerprint. Each dental plan is based on your specific goals and needs.

Focused Care

Your master plan outlines and defines the course of treatment for your mouth.

Dental Implants

Dental implants are a popular and effective way to replace missing teeth and are designed to blend in with your other teeth.

Clients share their experiences

Smiles Restored is terrific!! I trust them to always do the best and I'm thrilled with the last work I had done. I'd like to keep them a secret, but everyone deserves a GREAT dental experience, and that's Smiles Restored.
The dentist was so so helpful. He gave me the time and care. The assistant was very helpful and kind. I would recommend anyone going there.
Paula S.
I love Smiles Restored and all the work they have done for me has been wonderful. Would I recommend them? YES! Already have to many, even my Canadian girlfriend!
Christina G.

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